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Suggestions for Problem Prevention from Leggett's Wildlife Services

Bird Feeders: While bird feeders are nice for bird watching, they also tend to attract other wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and even skunks. During the winter months, bird feeders become a suburban raccoon's place to feast. Try to position the bird feeder further away from your home, and purchase types that are gravity feeding units with guards that prevent animals from climbing.


Garbage Cans: Make sure to secure the lids with plastic cords and that the garbage cans are a durable metal or plastic.


Pet Food: Try not to leave any excess pet food on your porch or walkway.


Vents: Make sure attic fans and vents are screened with additional hardware cloth to keep out squirrels and bats.


Trees: Keep branches of trees cut back at least three feet from the roof.


Chimneys: Cover all chimney vents with chimney caps. Raccoons love to have babies inside of chimney flues and have no problems climbing.


Exterior Doors: During the night, keep garage and shed doors closed to help prevent unwanted visitors.


Caution: Never approach a raccoon, opossum, or skunk during daylight hours. These animals are nocturnal and will only be up during daylight hours because of sickness or disease.


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